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Cat Kerekatan-Gauge Adhesion Tester Defelsko-Distributor Adhesion Tester
Cat Kerekatan-Gauge Adhesion Tester Defelsko-Distributor Adhesion Tester
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Sell Cat Kerekatan-Gauge Adhesion Tester Defelsko-Distributor Adhesion Tester

Specification of Cat Kerekatan-Gauge Adhesion Tester Defelsko-Distributor Adhesion Tester

PosiTest AT-M Manual Pull-Off Adhesion Tester

Measures the force required to pull a specified test diameter of coating away from its substrate using hydraulic pressure.

Key Features ...

Manual hydraulic pump designed to apply smooth and continuous pressure with a single stroke
Pull Rate Indicator to manually monitor and adjust the rate of pull
Environmentally sealed enclosure
– weatherproof, dustproof and shockproof-meets or exceeds IP65
Self-aligning aluminum dolly enables accurate measurements on smooth or uneven surfaces
10, 14, 20 or 50 mm dollies maximize capability and measurement resolution across a wide range of bond strengths
10 mm: 10000 psi (70 MPa)
14 mm: 6000 psi (41 MPa)
20 mm: 3000 psi (21 MPa)
50 mm: 500 psi (3.5 MPa)
Adhesion Tester PosiTest every pressure system is calibrated and certifield to ±1% accuracy using a NIST traceable load cell
Internal memory stores the maximum pull-off pressure, pull rate, test duration and dolly size for up to 200 pulls
Compatible with Desktop PosiSoft software for viewing, printing and car storing facility measurement data
Conforms to international standards including ASTM D4541/D7234, ISO 4624/16276-1, AS/NZS 1580.408.5 and others
Model Selection

Two models available with either 20 mm or 50 mmdollies
Order Code ATM20 ATM50
Dolly size and stand-off * 20 mm 50 mm
Typical Applications Coatings on metal Coatings on concrete,
wood and plastic
Range 0 – 20 MPa
100 – 3000 psi 0.2 – 3.5 MPa
50 – 500 psi
Resolution 0.01 MPa (1 psi)
Accuracy ± 1% Full Scale
Kits Include

ATM20:20 mm dollies (20), 20 mm cutting tool and 20 mm stand-off

> ATM50:50 mm dollies (8), 50 mm cutting tool and 50 mm stand-off

Manual Adhesion Tester, built-in rechargeable NiMH battery with charger, abrasive pad, glue with mixing sticks and palettes, cotton swabs, USB cable, PosiSoft Software, instruction booklet and video, a Certificate of Calibration traceable to NIST, a two-year warranty, and sturdy, lightweight carrying case

* Optional 20 and 50 mm Accessory Kits allow each model to be used with a

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