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AIR CONDITIONING PANEL "DINDAN" Ex THAILAND. TYPE 300Watt, 1024 BTU, Dimension 384x175x432mm, heavy 26Kg TYPE 600Watt, 2048 BTU, Dimension, weight, 384x177x619mm 31, 5 kg TYPE 1200Watt, 4094 BTU, Dimension, weight, 350x146x1350mm 46, 6 kg TYPE 1500Watt, 5118 BTU, Dimension, weight, 608x388x403mm 42, 6 kg TYPE 2400Watt, 8188 BTU 465x210x1590mm, Dimension, weight, 71, 9Kg Removing the freon Power consumption is very small and very much cheaper than air conditioning Home Body of iron, total More heat resistant The electronic components are sealed so that it is protected from dust Can cool itself The compressor for 15-20 years Click video below AIR CONDITIONING PANEL helps cool the electric panel room temperature, keeping humidity and cleanliness in room electric Panel yg stuck in the machine, and prolong the operating components of the liStrik as well as improve the performance of electrical components. The workings of AIR CONDITIONING Panel Dindan: * Cooling indoor electrical panel internal independently to prevent moisture so that the components remain dry and crucially prevent dust entry due to the tightly closed, release freon which is environmentally friendly. * Prevent the incidence of high heat and Quick cooling capacity and can be controlled to maximize the performance of electrical components. * Display of numbers on the thermometer allows pengoperasian and easy care, tool set suit our will to control the temperature in electric panel and can maintain a constant temperature/stable according to our settings. * Detection of its own in the form of small lights to prevent fatal damage on the component in the AC Panel itself. * AIR CONDITIONING Panel DINDAN usually mounted on the electric Control Panel box on CNC machines as well as Electrical Panels for buildings, Hotels, offices, Server providers, production machine etc. * Usually installed on a wall box next to the top or side of the box door or right-left panel. * It is suitable to use on old machines/second-hand especially the guarantee period is up to prevent fatal damage. * The price is very cheap, not worth if there is damage, to stop the production process, normally takes a few days, and had to buy a replacement component, most must wait for the part to come, or should hire/pay electricity experts. * Please note that most engines pinitial production of the latest models, or just about any machine which uses electric Panel the electric Panel is especially large, now already installed AIR CONDITIONING panels, vending machine means not bothered/risky to always get complaints from customers * Electric Panel is the brain to move the mechanical systems of the engine production, need cool air in order to work properly and the maximum, the way out has AIR CONDITIONING Panel DINDAN * cooling using AIR CONDITIONING of the room we call the COOLING passively, not very influential despite the cold air already sucked up using a fan that is mounted from the factory, because if the air outside the panel is too cold, people who work around the panels will be cold, the possibility of AIR CONDITIONING of the room will be shrunk, but the best at a temperature of 25 ° C room in the panel will get dirty in the not long, dust causing electrical konsleting , causing the heat, shortening the lifespan of electric components, the solution just by

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